FAQ - Pick Your Meals

FAQ - Pick Your Meals

Can I choose what meals I receive? How does it work?

Yes, absolutely! We offer everybody to choose the meals that they will receive.
The selection for the 'Monthly Seasonal Menu' is available on our website between the 3rd and the 5th of each month (click here). During this time, everybody can see the new menu, explore the recipes, and find the link to the selection form to submit their preferences. No access to any account required. 

I have a food allergy. How can I make sure to avoid those ingredients? 

Our monthly meal selection makes it easy for everybody to comply with any food restrictions. Luckily, most of our recipes are widely adaptable. Before you submit your preferences, you can check all ingredients in our online recipe, including the spice blend and all suggested ingredients for your grocery shopping. That way, you can make sure to select only meals that are safe for your diet. 

Why can't I choose a different dish than the meal selection options? 

Our monthly menu is limited to the options as displayed on our selection page. If we would offer more options, we would have an unlimited number of combinations to match with our large number of monthly shipments. This would make it impossible to maintain the freshness of the spices at an affordable pricing. 

Do I need to login to my account to choose my monthly meals? 

No, you don't need your account to pick each month the meals that you prefer.  You can just go to our website between the 3rd and the 5th of each month (click here). You will find the link to the selection form to submit your preferences.

How can I make sure not to miss the selection period?

We will send you a reminder email on the 3rd of each month.

What happens, if I miss the selection cut-off date?

If we don't receive your preferences before we prepare the shipments, we will surprise you with a menu selected by us.
If you missed the selection by a day or so, please send us an email with your preferences. We will do our best to send you what you like.
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